Patches Options

There are several custom patch options that are factors in determining the price of your custom embroidered patches. Please use the art on this page and the text below as a guide to help you determine the amount of embroidery and proper measuring technique for your embroidered patch design. Our Designing page can help you determine which sizes and colors are best for your patches.


Custom Embroidered Patch Options

We're not joking when we say "custom." We offer you the best control over the size, shape, colors, design, and backing type of your embroidered patches. We can personalize your patches to make them unique to your club, business, or organization. Our talented artists will gladly assist you in creating patches that are appropriate for you and your organization.


50% Embroidery

Where the teal is twill backing, embroidery makes up for 50% or less of the patch.


75% Embroidery

Embroidery is used on less than 75% of the patch.

100% Embroidery

Embroidery covers 100% of the patch. There is no twill backing.

Patch Sizing Options

Patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small patches for scouts and military uniforms, as well as larger patches for biker jackets and sports teams, have been created by us. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with any size patch you require!

It is simple to determine the size of your custom embroidered patch. Measure the length and width of your patch, add them up, and divide the total by two.


If the height of your patch is 2″ and the width of your patch is 4″, you would add 2 + 4, which equals 6. You then divide 6 by 2, which equals 3, The size the size of your 2″ x 4″ patch would be 3".